La Casa

What’s the single most important thing you accomplished in 2010? And how do you plan to top it in 2011 (perhaps by completing your blogging challenge!)

Ha! Only if by completing this challenge, do I manage to land a book deal! Oh, WordPress, how you do flatter yourself! (ah-ha ha ha ♫!)

Well, as I explained in an earlier post – the most important accomplishment for me last year was to get my little rag-tag family & I, into a house.

How I plan to top that this coming year is by getting a secured line of credit, which I intend to use to build my credit score. Just to note, it’s not like I have a bad credit score, but rather that I am completely off the chart. The only thing the credit bureaus know about me is; where I currently work, and that I worked at the Diner before that! That’s it – honest, I don’t even have a number (they don’t give people zeros, I don’t know why).

So, as much as I am actually rather proud of myself, for staying out of the whole credit mess for so long (I was even a majority share holder in a business for 3 years…I set up the LLC personally – and these people still don’t know a thing about me!), I feel it’s time to jump in the game. The idea here is to get a score that is viable enough for me to qualify for a first-time buyer’s home loan – so we’ll see…

But that’s the plan – yes of course I want the Cafe to be a huge success and all of that, but at the end of the day, more than I want a million dollars or anything extravagant…I want this little house! I want this property, & fence off the back yard, I want to build a hot tub and a greenhouse, and I want to get Mu a puppy!

Which brings me to the Press’ bonus question…

Describe what your laugh sounds like.

My real laugh doesn’t get out much, especially these days. It is a raucous-head-thrown-back affair that startles by-standers. Kind of like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when Richard Geere snaps the jewelry box at her fingers? My go-to laugh, is more of a Tina Fey falsie... “ah- ha ha ha ♪” & much more polite.


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