What’s the most important thing you’re putting off? And why haven’t you done it yet? What do you need to make it happen?

You have got to be kidding me! Don’t you people know I am starting a new kitchen here? From SCRATCH? I’m not talking about a pie, folks – but an entire m’n eff’n kitchenI wake up every day – after day, with a heavier burden than most people deal with more than once or twice in their lives. Mebe I shouldn’t say that – I guess I really wouldn’t know.

But my point here is that you don’t know what I am dealing with – the infinite piles of details – signs, recipes, menus, costing, training. Right now the big issue is that once we get a recipe dialed-in & more or less perfected, then we have to get each cook on the staff to know how to cook it to a tee.

So it is my job to taste each item coming out of the kitchen, and make sure it doesn’t get served to the public unless it is just so. If it is NOT just so, then I need to go to that cook, tell them it was off, and from there deduce what went wrong, and inform said cook how to remedy the situation.

I have been running myself ragged for the past several months, so don’t you tell me I am putting anything off, besides a freaking vacation – which by the way is simply out of the question, because the is no one else who is prepared or – frankly, equipped to do my fucking job.



2 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Rya says:

    Yaaaaaay! The IRS accepted my tax return!! For the first time in YEARS…
    I am no longer angry & would like to retract all F-bombs in the previous post, as well as any allusions to any implied angst.
    Light & love – whoop-de-doo!

  2. pepper says:

    whoa nelly!

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