Describe a time when you witnessed bravery: a) in your profession b) with your own eyes c) in someone you admire.

This one was a bit tricky for me –  I thought it over while I;  filed my taxes (side note to the IRS, would you please NOT seize my refund this year? pleeeeease?), made dinner for the fam, and then discussed with my Dad – & further marinated on the theme while watching the commentaries, namely John Stewart’s…

So here was Dad’s two cents, in reference to something I apparently did witness, when I was lil’, & do not recall, per-say. My cousin, Kelly – once ran through a sliding glass door…trouble was – the door was closed, & she suffered serious lacerations to her legs, and elsewhere on her person. My various uncles did not hesitate, but acted quickly, binding her wounds, applying pressure to staunch the flow of blood where needed – and drove her to the hospital.

In this modern day & age we are taught to let the trained pros handle everything – giving little credit to our own ways, means, & capabilities. But if my uncles has waited for someone to call 911, and then waited longer for an ambulance to arrive, rather than drive her the few blocks, with young Kelly in makeshift bandages, themselves – who knows what the outcome might have been? Kelly grew up to be an ambulance driver, and is now continuing her education, for the sake of her young children…

So that got me thinking, but at that point I was still effectively glued to the TV, and Stewart’s guest tonight was…

Neil deGrasse Tyson.
This guy is an astrophysicist, and the two of them were discussing the probability of humans making the trip to Mars. There are many inherent obstacles to this idea, from the shelf life of fruit salad not quite making the 5 year mark, to the fact that once one hypothetically lands on Mars, they are then committed to hanging out for at least a year and a half, before they could launch to come back to Earth. But this guy sez he would love to go all the same. & whether or not he is totally in earnest…I am confident that someone out there, is. And that person, whomever they may be, is, in my mind – by all accounts – brave.

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