Blue bird

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Why or why not?


There is a beach I always liked to take Mu to – but the last time we went, there was a new sign proclaiming No Dogs Allowed (followed by a list of reasons why).

But I really wanted to go to Tahoe today, so we headed over that way anyhow – and I was just about ready to break a rule for the sake of Mu’s exercise program, and some fine scenery… but alas there was a family there.

A handsome and well-bred lot, having “lets make a snowman and some snow angels, while the retriever romps around gaily (stupidly) day”…I’ll admit, I occasionally resent these familys. More often than not, honestly – they aren’t from here, and I find myself wishing they would go back to wherever they are from, namely, the flatlands…

Anywho, I have been working on that, with breathing techniques and non-attachment exercises, and I kept my cool and went back the parks other entrance. I had noticed when we first drove by it, that there was actually a strip of pavement plowed, wide enough for two cars even, and none parked there. So I pulled in and took a look around.

There is one main trail, through the patch of forest and out to the lake, but at this time of year, the options are widened by cross-country ski and snow-mobile trails. They pack the snow down a bit, so you can walk on them and not sink a foot deep at each step. So we followed one, & cut through the forest, avoiding all the local dog-walkers (definitely some second home owners in that crew as well, but as long as I can keep them several yards away from me, I’m ok…).

We came out in a park I had never seen before, with picnic tables buried in snow, and then out to a cliff, with an wrought iron fence looking out over the lake. Today she is calm as glass, with the sun shining brightly on her surface, and all around her are the mountains frosted with snow. All the peaks of Desolation Wilderness are sporting fluffy cloud-hats, which reflect and diffuse the light again. So I was just gonna say how it’s a blue-bird day, but now, as I look out the window, I see the clouds have blown in already, and it’s quite grey!

Well, I don’t mind a little more snow anyhow, though it was nice to have such a warm morning! My point is, as long as you are willing to be open to what is happening – then it is happening to you for a reason!

& I’m willing to bet it’s a good one too!

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