What are you looking forward to this year?

Right, well – I have had a bit of a day today. It all started off well enough, but went down hill in a fairly steep manner right-quick.

Yesterday, my manager advised I take the day off, or else I would be tossed into a snow berm (for my overzealous workaholic-ness)…there was something of a general consensus that; 1. I had worked myself to my personal limit for the time being – & 2. The rest of my staff, new as they are to the job, would be able to handle one day on their own.

So I woke up this morning, with a rather profound sense of relief, that I didn’t have to make my way through hour after hour of mind wracking tedium, and baby sitting of cooks who did not necessarily need such supervision. & that I might take one, single, solitary day for my self, or at least for my menacing pile of laundry…

Well kids, I was dead wrong – sometime still fairly early in the morning – I was called up by my “owner” and questioned for why I thought I could take a day off. This owner of mine was not so informed on pertinent matters due to the fact that they had been in the city – for a football game – and were therefore somewhat out of the loop. During the course of this call, I tried to explain my situation – which I will gloss over here, so as not to loose my shit in some uncouth display of honesty – but it was to no avail. Apparently there was a bad connection and I could not be properly understood.

This AM call and it’s implied lack of confidence in my work and the staff I have been working very hard to train for the past month, effectively ruined my one day off. So that I was not just doing house chores and laundry all day – but doing so in a very foul funk – that I have not yet been able to shake.

This treatment has left me with a deep lack of desire to be stuck working for a questionable wage, in this dubious management structure. When I read this topic, first thing this morning, I had much more hopeful and idealistic answers in mind – but by now, the best I can hope for is for this lack of understanding to pass.


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