Secret ending

Write about one thing you’ve never told anyone and explain why

OK, the closest thing I can think of to something I have never told anyone, but would now be willing to divulge on a public forum, would have to be in regard to my little on-line-shopping habit. Mostly it is Amazon that is to blame, but there are a few other electronics, DVD, and book-sellers that know my weakness.

& profit from it! In the end tho, I am not ashamed, per-say. Just a bit sheepish… the second part to my confession is that I have a secret agenda – to compile the fullest library possible, of books, music and movies. I recognize that the primary motive here is quite likely based in materialistic possession and accumulation, but in my finer moments, I like to think of it as posterity. But by now it has come down to a matter of organization, my iTunes library nears 150 gigs, and the walls of my home are cluttered with books and movies, with an occasional overgrown plant, and art, and cookware.

Stuff, stuff, stuff!

Bonus question!

If you only had an hour to live, what what you do with those 60 minutes?

I would hang out here, drink the rest of this bottle of Viognier, on the rocks, no less. Smoke another bowl, and listen to my iPod which has played out as follows – Glitch Mob, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Red Hot Chili Peppers. An hour doesn’t give me much time for much else.. I guess I’d write a bit.

Speaking of which – I don’t mind if I do…


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