Try Me

How do you stay entertained when you are snowed in?

I don’t get snowed in, that is why God made snow-blowers. Today I took Mu over to Boca reservoir for a walk. The whole surface of the the thing is frozen over, but the current of the Little Truckee, flowing beneath the ice, & perhaps even the wind, has pulled this top sheet of ice west, so that it is folding, curling and cracking up on the shore.

It reminds me very much of the glaciers in Alaska, with the icy shades of blue – the severe cracks in the ice revealing rock and rubble below.

It can snow all it wants here, I can still always get downtown, I drive a Subaru…& if there was a truly apocalyptic storm, I could walk, or ski. Or what the fuck ever, not that I would want to. There is little down there beyond idiot tourists, and packs of jocks that think they belong here.

I found an old photo at the hardware store yesterday (getting a certain someone a For Sale sign) they sell touristy shit like that. Pictures of people on archaic old skis, or trying to drive Model T’s over the summit on Old 40…

Well in the back of the pile was a shot of an Indian camp, out on the lip of Emerald Bay.

The date is 1895 or so, and the scene is complete with tee-pees and totem poles. Honestly, I dinna even realize they did that kind of thing here – mebe it was a set up. Something that rich old lady that built Vikingsholm set up for publicity?

Well, whether or not the portrayed decor is accurate in that old photo or not – the people were here. The Washoe, the Paiute… those motherfuckers dinna get “snowed in” – they belonged here. Fortunatly genocide and the bottle have cleaned up their troublesome ways.

Gotta make room for the Porche SUV’s, baby…



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