Describe a recent Aha!” moment. What sparked it?

I have had a few Aha’s as of late… they tend to find me around 2 AM, when I have been waking up, fairly reliably. This variety of insomnia is rather annoying, but the Aha’s have made them bearable at least. They are mostly problem solving moments, largely attributed to the set up and design of the kitchen at the Moon, but many tangles have been undone in regard to life here at home.

For example, I had a pretty serious geek-out last night from 1:30 to 3AM, researching wireless keyboards for my “home office”. This experience was made all the more geeky, due to the fact that it was carried out on my iPod touch, technology binge ahoy! I have settled on the Logitech wireless model, with a Dark Fleur design on the edges, it was a tight race between that and the models with back-lit illumination, but they were twice as much, & this purchase signifies the end of my Christmas bonus spending spree (mostly books and DVDs, so I’m not feeling too remorseful, they are my favorite things, after all).

Dad got the house a new router, with internal that makes for a pound less of wires and gadgetry – not to mention twice the bandwidth, and hopefully a more stable connection (my old modem was nearly a decade old!), and once the new keyboard arrives, I won’t have to hunch over like this to type anymore cuz this cord’s too damn short!

I definitely have a long ways to go yet, but this morning has been a reflective time, in appreciation of Aha’s that have culminated in a better quality of life, overall. In fact, as I now type this (hunched over, still) little Julia is making be bacon and eggs for brunch – awesome!

So I am off, to clean up more messes, and do good works, & whatnot…

♪ ♫ ♪


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