Just Do It!

Question of the day is:

How do you stay focused on a task or activity?

& the answer is that I just freakin’ do it. The hard part for me is stopping, relaxing… I managed to take the second half of today off, and I think I’ll sit out all of tomorrow. & then back to it!

We decided that hit and miss on the soups won’t do, so only pre-approved recipes are allowed, as per Billy. Which made my being gone for two days something of a soup-scheduling issue, but we got it sorted out, & then I got out.

Took a walk with Mu, and now, I’m just gonna sit here and watch a movie (rather than spaz out and clean the whole house – see, extremes work both ways, sometimes you got to keep moving, other times, you need to just sit the hell down)!

One thought on “Just Do It!

  1. pepper says:

    nice commercial. not at all what i expected. guess that’s why it worked 🙂

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