So the kitchen is open, we are doing business, albeit slow, which I feel is for the best. We don’t have sandwiches yet, and the soups remain slightly hit & miss.

But we are doing the work, to be sure. & I think I can take the second half of tomorrow off! Many other plans are in the works, & what will actually transpire remains to be seen. But if nothing else, I am certainly learning quite a bit about people, food, and the space in between! (Utensils)

2 thoughts on “Interviews

  1. Pepper says:

    please give your opinion, in your free time, of the following:


    thank you for your continued support ^_^

  2. Rya says:

    Ok, we should start by addressing the fact that Portland is the only place on that list that I have ever actually been to. & I liked it fine, in fact, when I first left, I thought the most important thing was to get back! Now I am ok with where I am, tho it helps to keep busy…
    Additionally, I will need to look up Ghana real quick, to even determine where on the globe that might be – one sec.
    Alright, Wiki sez it’s on the Gold Coast of Africa, and then there are pretty pictures of a beach and some elephants. Ghana means Warrior King.
    Kalgoorlie is in the Australian outback. It has an intriguing history of topless barmaids and miners.
    And Belgium is where Amsterdam is, and they have a lot of good weed there. Belgium also produces excellent beer and chocolate, and according to you, the country folk are not adverse to eating roadkill, depending on it’s freshness.
    The opinions stated here are admittedly ignorant, uninformed, and stereotyped. These places are but abstractions to me, that exist only on the internet, television, and through other story forms; i.e. word of mouth or writing… Except, as I said earlier, Portland, where I would really like to hit up a warehouse for a night of dancing, but not at this time of year, & I can’t afford that sort of frivolity right now anyhow!

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