First Day

I love today’s date 1/1/11! But the details of the day are not so clean and simple. The house is a tangle of holiday chaos and leftovers. Presents yet to be assimilated, and an unbelievable amount of laundry.

Fortunately, I have the day off (and didn’t even feel hung over this morning!) and tomorrow too! I am making turkey soup stock, so the carcass is almost out of the way, but it simply left a large gap in the rest of the leftovers cluttering up the fridge. I will integrate what I can into the weekend’s dinner’s and chuck the rest. I plan on making an apple pie with the bag of apples – I haven’t made a pie in years!

And then, I am working on the left-over champagne, as we speak!

& now for the Press’ topic of the day:

Name someone who deserves more credit than they get. And for bonus points, how to change things so they get more…

Answer – Me! & I’m working on it, just don’t give up, is all I can figure.



One thought on “First Day

  1. pepper says:

    Rya deserves more credit than she gets…
    This seems to be a common theme in your life. Is it that (1) you don’t get the credit you deserve because you are so self-sacrificing and other people are so self-absorbed? or that (2) you don’t appreciate the credit that you get (and deserve), thereby not giving credit to those who honor and appreciate you, resulting in a vicious cycle of depreciating recognition?

    Either way you flip that pancake, it’s gonna need some yummy maple syrup to sweeten the deal.

    Now for the bonus points…
    Whenever I’m feeling unappreciated, I like to think of all the things that I am thankful for. It’s a wonderful feeling to acknowledge the gifts of the universe. Once you feel the abundance within you, you will feel like sharing it, and the more you share, the more you trust and love, the more it all comes back to you.
    Now, Rya, I know you might be ready to jump down my throat already and wave the proverbial silver spoon you think I’ve got that you haven’t in my face… but that won’t get you anywhere. Thunder and Lightning are as much yours as mine. The true gifts of the universe are not bestowed upon individuals.

    Let’s get back to the point at hand, and for everyone’s sake, let’s take an alternate approach to getting the credit you deserve.

    Whether it is actual credit that is lacking here or your belief in it, the most direct way for you to feel that you are getting the credit you deserve is to ask for it. Let the world (that you physically and verbally interact with on a daily basis: ie work/home, not blog) know what it is that you would like.

    What would you like Rya? What is it that you deserve?

    I think you deserve a raise in pay for all your hard work, dedication and sheer experience. I think you deserve to have a photo of you wielding your mighty spatula (or other utensil of choice… knife?) hung up in the very kitchen that you put so much effort into building, organizing and now running. I think you deserve to have people tell you how much they admire your diligence and attention to detail. I think you should be nominated the health and safety inspector if you’re not already. I think your family should buy you a fancy mixer (or other appliance of choice) and wrap it up all pretty like and give it to you with a note that says, thanks dear Rya for feeding us, caring for us, cleaning up after us, cheering us on, and being here always. we love and appreciate you.

    As for me, well I think I should send you your damn Christmas present. It’s been sitting here for over a month now, not getting the credit it deserves!

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