Crescent Cafe’

Time to get down to the nitty-gritty. The kitchen is in the final stages of construction, we have inspections coming up next week. Our contractor is busy working in the space, so there is not much I can do there for the time being. Which is probably for the best, since there is a lot of R&D left to be done.

I managed to work for an hour and a half this morning, putting together a rough sketch of what is left to be done. I have the bulk of the sourcing outlined, and the next step from there is pricing, and then a rough draft of a Menu board.

Why this is so tricky now is that I am still left with an abstraction of ideas between these words on paper, and the actual physical space. So I can go ahead and outline what’s on the menu, and where it all ought to go, but until I can get some actual product placement happening, I can’t see what the thing really looks like.

We have the bulk of the raw materials lined up or in place, space, equipment, staff, and the bulk of the ingredients, or at least some ordering lists that show what’s needed and which distributors it will all be coming from. Primarily; Tony’s Fine Foods for deli items, UNFI (America’s monopolizer of healthy & organic foods) and Veritable Vegetable (California’s best organic produce distributor!). The next step here is to define a more specific & simplified list of what we’re really gonna need immediately i.e. our fist orders from each of the three. These will likely be the templates for order list’s to come…

OK – what else? I’m already dizzy! Well, we will need a recipe file, I have the Diner dressings and soups already typed up, they just need to be formatted & laminated. & of course we will have to take a good look at what might not be necessary for this kitchen. Good thing I got the intellectual rights to that mess, eh? Completely missing is a collection of  meat-soups…  Well, here is Better Home’s & Gardens contribution circa 1943, chapter Q. Some nice chicken soups, and gumbo, clam chowder, & other fishy variations. But the closest thing to a beef stew, or soup is Liver-ball soup, & I don’t think we’ll be going there! Food & Wine’s Best of the Best (Copyright 2010) has some lamb stews, and one with pork…and this one with veal, which is also out, unless it will do with some older shoulder of cow… & of course there is the eternal Bœuf Bourguignon, and Julia’s Potato-Leek! And French Onion, but now were back in the veggies…I can at least compile what’s out there into a more relevant list.

Guess I’ll have something to eat myself, and then get back on the clock & to the grindstone. Tonight I’m making the Mosewood’s Russian Borcht, which, I know – sounds weird, however it was a Diner favorite, amongst the staff for sure, which is saying something. Like feeding spoiled, finicky little children, that was! But this is a slightly different game now. New clientele, and a brand spanking new kitchen!

Merry Christmas!


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