Well then, this is going to be random, so be forewarned…

If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to catch the bulk of the ideas swirling around my head, but more than likely I have simply had too much to drink, & will be lucky just to catch the gist.

Again I am behind schedule, I should have written sooner, among the myriad of other things left undone as of yet. However, it is my new lesson and motto to simply take things as they come one at a time. Or as my good friend Tamara likes to say, “ride the wave, baby”…

Tide’s coming in!

Case in point; first, Pepper was here. As usual, she tore down my mis & pre-conceptions of all things in general, as well as my immune system. We got dressed up and we danced. Just like we used to, all the time, in the good ol’ days, but these days, it really is more of an accomplishment, or at the very least an undertaking. Our original concept, for Halloween, was Fire and Ice, she bought me a corset, down in Oz, and then while she was here, we hit the girlie shops and found her a dolly dress and Demonia boots (1/2 off!).

As plans progressed, we ended up bringing along her little sis Dani, who was dressed as Dark Alice, so by the time we arrived, we had transformed, unbeknownst to us, into the Red & White Queens. I suppose why all of this is so striking to me now is this sense I get of “oh yes, this is what I do, this is what I am good at…” all the while knowing that I never do that thing any longer, and while it has in no way lost any of it’s importance, the relevance is somehow scattered.

So let me tell you a bit about what I do, do.

I am starting a new kitchen. Don’t be surprised if you do not hear from me again for a month, or until next year, which really isn”t so far off, but it sounds it. I am missing a puzzle piece at the moment, or perhaps more than one, the size and shape of the gap are not yet determined…

I have outlined some lists to be made, tomorrow, when my brain is not so fuzzy, & my time is on the clock. To chase down and corner what it is that is lacking, like a rat. I like rats.

Not in my kitchen tho!! To date, this kitchen is but the barest of skeletons. Between the ribcage and pelvis, a gap, filled only by the thin line of vertebrae. So perhaps all that is needed now, is some guts, and a little bit o’ flesh. & may the Good Lord protect those doomed to work for me! Heh heh…


One thought on “Preparations

  1. Rya says:

    Ha! I figured out what is missing!

    Pots and pans!


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