Chicken Enchiladas, take two…

So last time, I made easy ‘Ladas, but today I got to go home early, so I have the bulk of the day to work on this round. Apparently my cousin’s lovely new bride, first decided that she like me when I exclaimed “It takes all day to make enchiladas!”

& so it should, unfortunately it is a mean ol’ world we live in, and 5 times out of 7, you do not get all day to do or make anything, now do you? Or mebe you do, but I sure don’t, & by the time I get down to the 2 where I do, I am too damn tired to do much more than whatever is absolutely necessary – which then is typically a bunch of crap I don’t want to deal with at all.

I am hoping this is all just a phase I’m going through…

Anyhow, today I saw my chance, & made a run for it. The Chickie thighs are defrosting, and water is coming to a boil in a real big pot. Or, actualy it is already boiling, I just went and turned it down… That front burner is super-duper hot, it kind of scares me, but perhaps some day we can put a gas range on up in hea’, and that would be the end of that problem. My other challenge at the moment is that I really haven’t cooked meat in the past 5 years or so, well, I have a little bit over the last year or more, but still, there is a big gap there, and my most informative years of cook-experience have been essentially meat-free. Fortunately, my mom always made enchiladas this way, so even if I don’t have any definite recipe or cook-times, I think I know what I am looking for!

I can remember Ma now, eating snippets of meat while she peeled it all of the bone and into uniform bits…and really I think her pleasantly savage approach was most appropriate, I mean, if you are going to eat another animal, then you might as well be a carnivore about it – right?

So with the sage advice or Sr. Oropeza once more, I will be boiling the chicken, for a leisurely while, with some garlic and onion in the water, as well as some semi-fresh herbs. Then let it cool, shred it up, and this time I’m just using flour tortillas, so I know they won’t crack, & we only have three open packages of them in the fridge.

The cheese was bought pre-shredded, and the Enchilada sauce in a space-age baggie, therefore these are still at the “1/2 day enchilada” stage – but it’s better than nuthin’.


Tomorrow we will possibly be firing up the New Moon’s new gas range for the first time! I’m a little exited and a little relieved, and a little bit more nervous than anything else…


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