Just short of Dutchy

So I do realize that it’s all rather cliche by now, but I was taken by the story of Julie and Julia, enough that I not only began this blog of my own, but I also have now purchased a copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

My primary intention there was to make the oft mentioned Bœuf Bourguignon, especially after I realized that it is beef stew, made with wine and bacon! Yum, what an idea… no I still have not made that recipe. But what I have done, is order a Dutch Oven, in which to cook the stuff. Since I work at a grocery store, we, as employees are occasionally allowed a pretty sweet price break when special ordering certain items. However, when I wrote down the catalog number for the order, I failed to notice that I had written a 3 where there should have been a 6…

That was the digit that particularly specified the height of the unit, and so, I was delivered a big, and very beautiful casserole, rather than a traditional Dutch Oven, which is twice as tall. But the thing is so heavy, it would have been more trouble than it was worth to return it, in the mail, so I checked in with my legendary recipe, to see what Julia might say…

& what she says to use is, (paraphrased, from memory…) ” a 9 or 10 inch fireproof casserole, three inches deep.” Providence! I accidentally got just the right thing – and I spent all of my pocket money on said thing as well, and now can’t afford the cut of beef and package of bacon to put it all together… I will be able to on the first of the month, though. & in the mean time, I have made; chicken with onions and mushrooms in white wine, and then I baked a large cake of zucchini bread, only with the late season’s yellow squash in place of zucchini, and then I heated up a batch of pre-fab Chinese food – Orange chicken! It’s just so hard to get that glaze right, from scratch.

So the really great thing about this gigantic pot/pan is that it just glides seamlessly from stove-top to oven – that, and it is enameled in “Caribbean Blue” which is a really lovely color. So you can saute yer veggies and meats, and then just toss em into the oven to bake, with no fuss, no mess, and she looks good the whole time through. Just don’t heat the top over 400 degrees, or the knob could melt!

And after Bœuf Bourguignon, I intend on making a big huge pan-full of gooey cinnamon rolls.



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