I like knives.

Goodevening, all!

I just utilized a nifty new feature with WordPress, where my blogs will be “Publicized” via Facebook and Twitter! I am becoming more relevant by the minute… Now if only I had something more profound to write about, that might merit all this face time on the web. But then again, the internet really isn’t that based on actual content – now is it?

The glory of the thing, to me at least, is more that it is all here, and therefore the playing field is leveled for all genres of information Example: I am currently streaming a song made by some dude in Germany, that I am really enjoying at the moment…

Those Germans really know how to lay down a solid beat! But anywho, there are often free downloads available of so much of this fresh new music, or you can get it via pod-cast, or if they aren’t putting it out there entirely on their own, there are other ways…The point is, if you know what you are looking for, you can get, virtually whatever you want, for free! Anything tangible you have to use Paypal for, but if you can simply watch, read, or listen to the input, it’s out there. Literature, recipes, movies, music and more – so who is to say what is of any coveted value any longer?

Which brings me back to my perennial point, which is that blogs are for blabbing! & look at me go… so the idea I had been tossing around for the next entry, trying, in vain – to get back into some topic more focused on cooking, was to discuss knives.

I only verrrrry recently got my full set of knives back in my possession, and at my immediate disposal. This has been a very liberating and gratifying experience! On the one hand, I view the blade as the primary force of all food preparation – whether it is  in the form of mincing garlic – all the way over to butchering an animal – it is the blade that takes food from it’s habitat to our table…

On the other hand – it has occurred to me that I know little to nothing about the true science of knives – why is it that Julia so maligned the stainless steel blade? What distinction can be attributed to all of the shapes and styles of knives that exist in the world – or even just the ones in my kitchen? Of course I could look all of this up on line, and perhaps I’ll get around to that sooner or later – but for now, I have to admit, I am simply, completely, exhausted.

This is the last day of my recent treat of 3 days off – I finished unpacking the house, and had a little housewarming party, which was most effective, and the place is now nice and toasty! No really tho, it’s hard to explain what a crew of good friends and food can do for a building…& what a feast we had! Fresh figs and goat cheese! Fresh mozzarella, basil, and sliced heirloom tomatoes – two rounds of locally baked sourdough, from two of the most esteemed bakeries around…& ice cream pie? Really? Yeah really, try two of them! One vegan, one from real (happy-ish – relatively) cows.

What a treat! We also barbecued some locally grass fed & free ranged steak, which my little sis and I fried up the leftovers of –  in butter, with eggs for  breakfast this morning! Oh, the gluttony…but someone’s gotta do it. So it is done, and it was good, I managed to get the house in order and cleaned. & Mama came by, made fresh hummus, rearranged the deck to better suit the furniture’s proximity to the sun – and then picked us a bouquet of “foundlings”. She is so amazing.

But now I am just tired. There are three more boxes of decorations left in the living room. Art and baubles, still wrapped in newspaper. They can wait, it is their only option…Tomorrow I go back to work, I have a house sitting later this month, my cousin/god-brother gets married early next month, and after that I think I might be able to pencil in a bit of relaxation…perhaps even enough time to read a book? We shall see, tho I am certainly not holding my breath, with the advent of the new kitchen coming up in that same time frame, but things will have to settle down some – eventually.

♪ ♫ ♪


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