Alright well, we got the house! Things are about to change, quite a bit – and for the better. I will be able to cook again, to write a gain, to do all sorts of things that have seemed off limits to me for some time now…

But first, there are a few more hurdles to get over. Moving into this house is cleaning out my father and I of all the money we have. So it may be a month or so before we have the internet up and running again (!) & in fact, I am really not even sure how we will get the power turned on, especially if the power company wants a big deposit from us as well. But we will get through it, and on the other side, is a home.

A safe place!

For my baby sister, my father and I. I am committed to staying there until lil sis has graduated high school, which means 2014, but I am now wondering if I might even want to stay on longer. The little garden area out front will take at least 3 years to get properly landscaped, and if we get a food garden going out back…why leave?

Also, the property is backed by a 20 acre parcel that is undeveloped – between the real-estate market being as tanked as it is, and the location of this parcel being where it is – it may well remain peacefully forested for some time. It’s like a private park for Mu and I!

Well, we shall see – & I’ll get back to you ASAP – but it might be a while…


2 thoughts on “Recommence…

  1. Pepper says:


    Tada! Just like magic.

    I put in an application on a house myself yesterday… worlds apart, lives the same. Committed on the other hand? I guess we are all committed in some way, until we change! Move down, move down! New Cup! New Cup! Says I… from time to time.

    I will call you you… on your non-internet-dependent cellular telephone. Archaic as they may be, I’m glad you have one.

    And you will get this note in the future… hmmm. Hello future Rya. How be the new pad? Getting some garden growing before the Majestic Winter comes and ices it all over? Aren’t you glad you finally got the internet set up? I know how you missed us!


  2. Rya says:

    I wish it was all that said and done! I have only taken the first baby steps to all of this, and the funny thing about the internet, is that is might take a month, or it might be there already!

    Tada! Just like magic.

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