Mushroom Quiche

Jacqui made a quiche this evening. She makes a really fantastic quiche. When my dog, Mu first moved in, or shortly thereafter, she made two of them, and left them on the kitchen counter… Mu ate one. That did not please the lady.

But tonight we find a much smarter Mu, who has had none, even though it smelled up the whole house with savory mushroom and onion. She makes her own crust as well, whole wheat, and it is very crispy and buttery. I would like to have a few quiches in the cookbook – Calvin used to make them on the weekends, though his were always more tomato and basil themed…Point is, I just don’t know how to make one at all.

I do know how to make pie crust, and I know you put eggs and goodies in the middle, but all the rest is a mystery to me. I observed Jacqui as she whipped the eggs with an electric mixer. She gave them quite a beating, but then doesn’t she always?


2 thoughts on “Mushroom Quiche

  1. Pepper says:

    I could send you a quiche recipe that I use… although I know there are a million out there you could find yourself. As for Mu, I think he would quite like my quiche and it would be good for his coat too!

    • Rya says:

      Mu & I are looking forward to your recipe! I just don’t know how to tell when they are done…do they set in the oven, or are they still jiggly till they cool?

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