A little housing scheme…

This has been a doozy of a week! On the the 4th, I got into a fight with Dad’s girlfriend, who owns the house, and it was agreed that my youngest sister and I should simply move out. On the 7th, I spoke with my middle-little sister , and she said she was fed up with life in the city and was coming back to the mountains. We began to scheme and plan, and she found the cutest house in town that seemed like it would be the perfectly ideal place for the three of us.

Yesterday she got a new job offer, back in the city, and our plans were officially toast. In retrospect it would seem that this is not such a big deal, an idea pops up and then blows away just as quickly – but for a day or two, I had a real sense of hope, something I had not felt for some time. For a minute there, it was all going to be ok, we would be a family again, we would cook and work and learn and do other things in our spare time, together…

I would start up the book’s progress again – I would be me again.

Well, not yet. And of course, I am happy for middle-little sis, that she found such a good job in the city, during times like these. And of course, baby sis and I are not giving up hope and just laying down to die. But it will be much harder this way, our choices and chances are somewhat slimmer this way.

I will be raising a 14 year old a-solo this way…

But we do what we must, and we don’t sit around crying about it! But I am tired, and I have a nasty summer cold, & I intend to sleep the rest of this day off, so as to conserve on tissues.


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