Triple stacked

Alright, well I just wanted to check in once more, in this new week as we near the Fourth…

Julia is here, in the house, and I am very grateful to have a counselor at this time, to help me be present for all of this.  A little perspective can go a long way. After looking into my archetypes, it appears that I am double Gemini, double Leo, and double Cancer.  Two of my guidelines are that 1) The rules don’t apply to me, and 2) All I need to do is show up. What I have been dubbed thus far is Raven woman/Amazon Queen (& most recently…) who sees through the eyes of the Mother.

& I confess, I like this game, it’s come a long way from “You are a Cancer, so you are really sensitive and moody…” Now? I have a RIGHT to be moody! I am in charge here, so yall just hesh up – and be glad I showed up at all.

That’s right.

No, actually mebe that’s a wee bit off.

Whatever, I’ll get back to you on all that later..♥


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