Summum bonum

Alright, well I am late this week, or rather I took a week off, as it was my 31st birthday.  So I felt entitled, and I was twice as busy as normal, which, to most of you, would mean little to nil – but to an OCD gal like myself, was rather trying!

Additionally, I am deviating from my typical format, involving primarily food and the work that I do with foodstuffs, as I have come to realize, that this blog, to me is something of a mile-marker as well as a foraging sort of guide into the future realms of the  cookbook that is my life-goal/dream.

Here is the general breakdown of my recent progress. I turned 31, hooray me, one more trip around the sun has been endured and survived. Next,  read a book that apparently only more evolved types ever make their way entirely through, The Marriage Of  Sense And Soul, which – frankly, I rather enjoyed…I then began my next foray into heavy hitting lit with The Value of Nothing which opens with a discussion of one of my most troubling quandarys, as of late. That is the general failure of Lassiez-faire capitalism, as described by Ayn Rand to Alan Greenspan, who then headed the American financial sector for the next 40 years. This particular topic is one that is not even possibly broached amongst my peers, as they now stand, so to open a book that heads out from just that point was, immensely relieving, and I can only hope to keep my head above water from here on out (thank you Pep, my darling, you deserve that PhD!!).

& now I have just watched Moonstruck, which has left ringing in my ears the three refrains of…

“A la familia!”


& “Que bella luna!”

Who, by the way is eclipsing this very evening. So what I have here is a conglomeration of vast and beautiful ideas, most of which I really have no idea what to do with, but it simply seemed apropos to round them all up here and now, under the mantle of this new and oh-so-pretty theme of Koi…

Because we are onto some new shit here, and it is going to be good, it is going to be pretty. This spill in the Gulf may be one of the first human events, in who knows how many generations that will not simply fade into the background. This one matters because it is so horrific, because it IS going to effect you, and me, directly. Humanity will have to figure this one out, we will bypass the wall that has been looming before us for so long now.

Our people will have energy, accessible to us  all – around the world, that does not rape the planet of her precious resources. 2/3 of the planet need not go hungry day after day. & in order to accomplish this, we must begin to tie together these ideas, their trials and tribulations, these accomplishments and epiphanies. Certainly, I do not intend to go it alone on any of this, but I am here, and I am a player, until my final breath. Mark my words!

& mote it might.


One thought on “Summum bonum

  1. Pepper says:

    nice design ^_^ and I’m glad you are enjoying the book! xx

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