Aloo Gobi, revisited

OK, ok – let’s have a day-off entry, shall we?

I do so often regret a large portion of the crap that makes it’s way out of my mouth in the course of a day. & so, too do I regret so many of my rants and cant’s here in the blogs. My first response to the realization of any such slip up (at least the sort that is in type) is to “bury it”.

So please do come along with me, and my shovel…

Yes, my job is quite trying at times, and this summer only brings more business, more expansion, more challenge, more menu.  I could go on, but I am trying to keep positive here. & I did go in to the Moon, on my day off – as I usually do on Fridays to at least half-assedly receive the wine order, if only for the sake of getting it out of everyone’s way (so they don’t knock a stack of cases over!) and to make sure the invoices are handled properly. My manager, Sasha observed that mebe I ought to be working Fridays, so I wouldn’t need to do all this on a day off, which was quite brilliant of her – but throwing this added responsibility in the middle of a busy day at the bar, only makes me crazier… in the long run.

Apparently, it was quite busy today. My newly trained successor, as Bar manager, Travis got his first real taste, I think of what all’s in store for him! & it has only just begun. But instead of dealing with all that shit today, I cooked up another big pot o’ curry and then went for a nice long walk at Boca with Mu. We went through a spring meadow with purple flowers and two tones of bright green grass. Mu rolled in something stinky out in the marshy bit – – dogs. I found pretty rocks, citrine in different shades of gold and orange and another rock of red and black stripes.

Before all of this, I had cooked up another batch of Aloo Gobi – it’s the one dish that I inherently like so much that I will happily eat the leftovers, which are typically avoided at all costs. & I thought I was really on to a good progression with the recipe for some time there, using some garlic for the first time, and instead of two red tomatoes, I had an entire basket of yellow cherry tomatoes for the sauce. But alas, I went off to vacuum the house (real quick) and burnt the whole thing, even though I turned the flame down pretty low – not all the way low…

Still pretty freaking good tho! Which is lucky, since it’s on the menu for dinner tomorrow as well. I suppose that is the intercalary reason for so much of my angst these days. Finances…I know, join the club right? & who is it, in this messy world of ours – who has it the worst? Certainly not me, wouldn’t even want to argue the case! But I cannot go where I wish to go, I cannot stay in the places I admire. I have neither the luxury of cooking at home, nor of eating out. The exceptions here are that I cooked one meal, to last my whole weekend, quickly, when I knew no one else would be at home – and that sometimes I hit up the Taco Bell drive thru (It’s been a while, thank goodness!).

I have no sense of place, even in this very town I “grew up” in, nor am I allowed the comfort of my own furnishings, not my own bed, nor my own spoon! But I suppose the bright side to all this is that I have simplified things quite a bit, within the parameters of this room, I am more organized than I have ever been! Unfortunately I then remember that there is a fully stocked 10X10 foot storage unit that is cram packed full of chaos. Chaos, that I am not allowed to play with though it is my own! It’s weird…

But I saw a bluebird today, out at Boca. This one spot of surreally bright and boldly beautiful blue. He flew right across our path, like a smile. Which is why, I never actually do throw my knife at anyone. However – I dearly look forward to residing in a home of my own someday, it will ease the burden some.

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