Financial Shakepeare

In my last entry, I believe I was still quite disturbed over the case of the thieving bookkeeper. & the fact remains, I have been robbed and deceived, for years, which in some respects has been my undoing, but we shall soon see how far undone I have become.

My most relevant point here is that I did finally hear back from Toby, but only after making a fairly wide-spread stink of the matter on Facebook, and in various peoples voice-mails and in-boxes! So the matter has been attended to, with a great deal of effort, no less, by both Toby and our CPA. And the reason that the only answer I could get out of the CPA was an obscure

“It’s complicated…”

Was due to the fact that, as a third party, he had taken an oath with the IRS, that he would divulge nothing to anyone (that would be me) – or else the bookkeeper could sue him for slander! So here begins out tale of ironic tragedy, where the facts are obscured, and the most obvious conclusions to be drawn, are false.

I suppose what lies most immediately heavy on my mind now, is that the law, or legal system, seems to have the defense of the bookkeeper more firmly employed, than it does the victimized business’. This crime is apparently only considered a “white collar crime”, and if we were to prosecute, then the best settlement we could hope for is $300 a month for 3 years, and of course no one would follow up on the collection of those meager penalties, so the company would not be likely to receive more than one or two of those piddly installments. Not to mention the fact that it would cost a monstrous amount to get the case represented in court in the first place. So Toby has been working on an out of court settlement, which could amount to several thousand in a lump sum.

On the day that I finally spoke to him, he was planning a meeting with the vice-president of the bank, to go over records and begin to assess the actual damage, and then to negotiate the possible reimbursement of bank fees accrued over the years, a sum that could again amount to several thousand.

& last but never, ever least, we have the IRS, which is investigating, and is also assisting Toby in his freelance detective efforts. So as much as the Diner’s IRS officer told me that no procedures could be taken until there was a prosecution, there will at least be some fines and penalties lifted from the account. I swear, sometimes I think people just mess with me to see how I’ll react…Well, let me tell you now, it will be extreme and it will make everyone feel awkward, so let’s just not go there, shall we?

So that seems to more or less sum up the current events of the situation, no? Toby said he would get back in touch once some conclusions were reached, and I am hoping that they might find something big enough on this woman for one of these agencies, the D.A.’s office, or the IRS, to give a damn enough to do something about it, or else I am still quite keen on following up myself, to see if there is any other recourse to simply ensure that this woman never handles anyone else’s money ever again. It was nearly a half dozen small businesses that had recently discovered that this one woman was cooking their books. “Creative accounting” appears to be all to common, and it is so casually viewed by law enforcement, it is a small wonder why.

And that leads me to my own personal conclusion, there is no grand effort to be taken by me. I will not call upon the most afeared powers of Mrs. Shaver, and I am no longer so deeply suspicious of Toby or the CPA, but the fact still & persistently remains, that I have been stolen from, in amounts far greater than anything I have ever possessed in any bank account of my own. And it pretty much follows that this woman effectively put me out of business – though The Diner survives (God bless it’s big, inanimate heart…) it carries on without me.

& I am now regarded by the community I once looked on as my own family, as a quitter, or deserter of sorts. It’s like everyone thinks I left because I was bored, or because I simply craved more diversion in life… When the fact of the matter is that my heart was broken, again and again – day after day, to see this endeavor, that I had poured so much of myself into, struggle, flounder and fail at every turn. The maddening confusion of tallying up out books by hand, in journals, week after week, and see the profit in the numbers, but to never have that money make it to the bank. & not only were we not making any money, but we were falling steadily and sickeningly deeper into debt as we went along.

To think of what I might have helped make of that place, & to think of where I might be right now, had I not been robbed blind, and lied to. Day after day, year after year – what if, what if, what if.


I suppose now it is time to find a new home.


One thought on “Financial Shakepeare

  1. Pepper says:

    whatever will be will be.

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