Reparations On My Soul

So I am attempting to clarify, in my own mind what the actual parameters of this thing are. Here is what has gone undisputed thus far; The Diner’s bookkeeper was indeed stealing from us, she has been fired, and the way that she was discovered was due to the fact that she had created a fictitious employee. That, kids, is called embezzlement.

I have it on record that this was discovered approximately two months ago, the matter was handled internally, and though the bookkeeper was let go of, she was not prosecuted. It was also apparently discovered that she was stealing from The House of Bread, a local bakery, as well. I also recall that the owner of  a cute little cafe called Dish! was seen (by myself) leaving this bookkeeper’s office with all of her files in tow (which took several trips), she was very angry, she had decided to keep her own books from then on. This was some time ago, in 2004 or 05.

She mentioned none of the particulars to us…I should have known then. In fact I kind of did, or at least had a pretty good hunch. I had actually tried to find a new bookkeeper, repeatedly, and always ended up getting stonewalled out of making any “executive decision” – the beginning of a long, enduring theme. Stonewall Rya out of her own business, but hmmm…. it doesn’t look like that is going to work this time, now does it?

So now we wander off a bit further into the land of speculation, as I have no idea how much she actually stole, but until there is a proper investigation, no one else does either, see? So we have before us the question of why no charges were pressed, that is a bit odd to me, but I’m sure that reasons are there. Next we have the question of how I might go about prosecuting her myself, as our IRS officer advised that legal action would be most appropriate coming from the “partnership”. Well, all of the partners signed off their shares to Toby at the end of last summer, all of us except one. Beau Shaver’s mother….if anyone ever needs a lesson in tenacity, they would do well to observe this woman. She probably won’t have time for the likes of you, but she is the Goddess of  “Oh no you don’t…”

Even the tax officer was like, uh, mebe don’t bring her into this? But you know what? She is a legal owner, and as much of a problem as some people may have with that concept…it is what it is. And the woman has every right to know what is going on here. Certainly I am biding my time on bringing her in on all this, I want to have a clear focus of what the plan is, before the tiger is released. But as someone who was subjected to the practice for the past few years, I’m just not a big fan of the whole stonewalling game.

So that is why I have asked for input from any other interested parties first. I left Toby a voice message, or two, and I contacted Laura, who used to be the other primary shareholder in the group. See, despite the fact that we did sign off our shares to Toby, the other fact, that there were criminal activities occurring at the same time as that transaction,  rather nullifies the deal, at least in some legal capacities.

As I said before, this woman stole from ME, personally. She stole from various other hardworking businesses, time and time again. At this point the ol’ girl has something of a habit formed. Not to mention a lifestyle to maintain.  Ah yes, all those lectures I got, about how I was overpaying my staff? Some of them coming straight out of the mouth of the woman who was taking it all right from under my nose. Just imagine how many Falafel plates it takes to buy a chunk of ice big enough for this woman to deem it worthy of placing on her pudgy fingers. Or how many Vegan Bubbas does it take, to get the down payment on a shiny, big white SUV… Or how many House of Bread Cinnamon Rolls go into a family trip to New York, I wonder?

So here is the point – no, I am not letting this one go. This is the end. The conclusion of the plot for my little cookbook. All interested parties are welcomed to play the new game of tear that fucking stone wall down already. It will be good, healthy closure for all of us, especially for that bookkeeper, who is obviously in need of some down time to really devote to her dear sweet Jesus. A gook book is always the best way to pass the time, when all you have is time. (& hell, she probably won’t even do any real time, unless we can cet her on tax-fraud, and even then, who knows, it’s just money…)

So slow & steady, wins the race, but it’s on, mein kittens, and might I now suggest, you keep an eye out for Grand-Mama Shaver, she’s a real tiger, and doesn’t always think to play nice…

She deserves to know, she deserves to be involved. Morally – and plain & simple, legally.



3 thoughts on “Reparations On My Soul

  1. Rya says:

    Hmmm…and here’s one more thought, just some quick, simple math. The Diner grossed about half a mill, per year – when I ran it, and yes, I know the economy has really tanked so, let’s say that over the past five years, during which this bookkeeper was in our employ, The Diner pulled in at least 2 million.
    So out of two million dollars of profit, all of which was handled by the same bookkeeper, who is to say – that this woman was not able to snake tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars?
    I have lost a lot of faith in the American legal system, since the time when The Diner was burglarized (twice) and the Reno PD (police department) didn’t really give a damn about the other PD (Pneumatic Diner). But I think the idea is, that f someone steals something, and you can prove that, then aren’t they supposed to give it back?
    This is reason #3 that I am on a personal crusade here…1) I want that money returned to the Diner 2) I want that woman out of business, & now 3) I am sick & tired of the notion that you can abuse someone because they aren’t old enough, “mature” enough, well certified and degreed enough, wealthy enough, or if they are just plain counter culture. We are people too, we have rights, and the fact that you are a Christian & I am agnostic does not mean you get to take my livelihood from me. This is still America, for Christ’s sake!!

  2. Rya says:

    Still no word back from Tob on what the results are from his research. But at least I am reassured to know that he and the CPA still have the bulk of their integrity intact, and that they have been on the case all along. As far as me, taking any sort of stand, or of avenging Stacia and her den goes, that all seems to be the final pipe dream between the Diner and I.
    I suppose that if there is any lesson to be leaned in all of the politics and finances of the Diner and I, it is that sometimes, you just have to cut yer losses.
    Know when to walk away, know when to run..♪ ♫…

  3. Rya says:

    & finally, a moment or retrospect? first, a note on Stacia, who I haven’t heard from since last year. I really do hope that she can get some closure from this, via the Diner. I have no idea how that might come to pass, but it seems appropriate. More obviously, it is bad Feng Shui to have a legal business partner who can have no effective influence, but is still tenaciously clinging on. There is an obvious imbalance here! & sure it’s easy to say that she is simply being obstinate to not just give it up, but frankly, I admire her grit.
    & yes, I have heard back (finally) from Tob – once, but never the call back he said he’d have soon. I listened to him explain the “perfect plan” which honestly is pretty good, and like so many things these days, complicated.
    But there is still this prevalent feeling that I should just butt out, right? And I have, again. I guess at this point all that really matters is getting the whole of the story. In it’s own time – and I can trust that! If nothing else, I will always trust a good story.

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