Tidying Up

Greetings, sphere o’ blog… it is a lovely afternoon/into evening here in the Sierras, after what looks to be the last sunny day for this week. And to some, that is something of a shame – as it is a Monday, but it’s quite alright with me!

I took Mu the dog out for a luxuriously long walk along the shores of Boca yesterday, which was a doubly dichotomous experience, should such a thing be allowed. First, it s always strange to visit Boca, as the landscape it truly spectacular, changing from meadow to forest to towering & barren white peaks at each different angle, but then it is apparent that the land as been contorted to an unnatural form by the use of a dam. This body of water is a reservoir, and in my experience, the very nature of a reservoir is something that appears to be a lake, on the surface, but then it possesses no natural shores or even an resemblance of a watershed as one would expect around a true lake. There are simply hillsides that plunge into the water, leaving an intermediary zone where there is the most unpleasant muddy muck imaginable! It is quite sad, these unprepared edges of goo, particularly when unwitting tourists attempt their vacations upon them, languishing and sinking in the often aromatic sludge…

& the second dichotomy is that it was such a beautiful day, and I had been released of my work day early, and there we were, walking about, at length & at our leisure, and I knew that this would likely be the last Sunday that Mu and I would be able to move about at our in peace – in such an accessible spot. I like to go out to the very end of the paved road, where there is a boat ramp, and right now, the waterline is far below the ramp. But as am entirely man made & controlled setup, they will simply raise the water level as soon as the weather is more reliably warm, and then that lot will be packed with large shiny trucks, many of which will sport big shiny rims on the wheels, and they will all (or at least mostly) be towing big, shiny speed boats.

The good people of Reno will flock to the shores of muck to wallow and drink, and likely shoot guns. & up a notch on the hierarchy – on the boats –  will be the successful young men, and their bikinied young babes, who will only wallow in muck for a generous payment, thank you very much… they will blare their shitty rap music (Hip hop is dead – long live hip hop!) and drink, and make the vague motions of fishing, likely with little luck…and they will litter the most amazing crap you can imagine, into this doomed, pretend lake. Crap I spend the rest of the year picking up on my walks, at least when the place isn’t buried in snow…

But tonight rain is coming, thank you God. Now that the ski season is over the town would like it to just be sunny and pleasant, but I am quite fond of rain, and even unseasonal snow, not that this storm is so far off the mark. I suppose more than anything, I am simply gladdened by the general dismay of all those folks who just want this land to be their personal recreation area. & therein lies the heart of my evil streak, and my disregard for humanity. It is but a reflection of the disregard that so many have, not only for the natural world, but for their own brethren as well. This notion that the upwardly mobile have some superior right to the world and it’s beauties, it’s adventures.

But whatever, I digress. I suppose my original point was simply that summer cometh, and I am trying desperately to get all of my ducks in a row. It is going to get busy, and there are gigantic projects looming on the horizon. A kitchen to build, a staff full to train (!)…

So I went ahead finished our long-drawn out wine raffle today, even though all the entry bottles had not yet sold, but I was just tired of the whole mess, so I gave the prize, to a winner, who’s slip was picked blindly out of a bain-marie by Travis, a fairly neutral party. The winner is a lady who is a regular in the store, & who has a notable appreciation and knowledge of wine – so that was a good deal (the prize was a really nice set of crystal stemware, a decanter and a nice bottle of Cab).

Earlier this weekend, I got in a new wine rack, which actually stores the wine properly, on it’s side, and the thing holds five whole cases, so it freed up a good deal of space for me in back-stock, and allowed me to bring in a nice range of the new McManis line, which is all the rage at Trio, out local swanky wine bar (go to the Pour House, it’s way cooler!) and it’s rather funny that not a single bottle has sold off that new rack as of yet, but it will. Again – I must assert, that humans in a general sense, are essentially pack, or herd animals. Show them something new and they will avoid it with suspicion, but show them that it’s safe, affordable, and delicious? & they will flock around it like hungry livestock…ha ha – just kidding…

And then, the cherry on top of my apparent arrogance in viticulture & oenology…would be that I scored a free case of that wine I was fawning over last entry. I helped one of my reps raise her sales on a certain line, which will hopefully result in her winning a trip to Hawaii (!) so she gifted me with a case of the Watcher! Raaad…

So – I have plenty of work to do, which is something of a privilege in it’s own right these days. I have my little room, and my big dog to be thankful of, and I have my lakes and reservoirs to keep me company. Still not cooking, still not working on the book, & I also heard that the Diner held a benefit to raise some cash recently…which has me a bit worried, but in the end, there is time enough for all of this – to be overcome, to be enjoyed even, as we struggle through the muck.


P.S. If you aren’t going to drink wine, I would like to suggest Sailor Jerry’s rum, I think this is a new label, as I have only seen it in the past few months. It is delightfully spiced, and has a wonderful caramel base note. & though it does come with a booklet containing a wide array of cocktail recipes, I am just having it on the rocks!


4 thoughts on “Tidying Up

  1. Pepper says:

    I have about 10 months left of my non-drinking year. I try not to dwell on this fact too much… and so far have been successful all around. Surprisingly, reading about wine does not make me fiendish for the bottle, but appreciative of the whole process all the more. I miss mountains and fresh water, even if the mountains do fall straight in through the muck. I don’t miss the tourons, their trash, their music, their rims, or their general lewdness. I do miss my best-friend, but I know she is sipping her way through till we meet again, and somehow, I’m sure she is sipping enough for both of us for the time being.

  2. Pepper says:

    No, no drinks for me at Burning Man THIS year, but not for the reason you might expect… I will not be going to Burning Man this year! Oh the horror of it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rya says:

    PS – The weather is so gloomy that there are still no tourists (en masse) anywhere! Everyone is sooooo sad that it is grey and cold and windy – and RAINY! Can you even imagine?
    Well, as they sat @ Mickey D’s “I’m lovin’ it!”

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