Alright, well…there isn’t much going on here food wise, right now. But I do want to get a post up each week, and since I don’t have much else going on this evening, here I am!

My baby sister (she’s 14 now) is up for the week, on a spring break that happens much later than most schools, her theory is that the school board figures no one in Humboldt county would be in class on 4/20 anyhow, so they just made the break on the week surrounding that “holiday”. Who knows? She might be right…

To celebrate her arrival, we are having take-out from Thai Na Koin, which is pretty fancy business for this house. Their pumpkin curry is our favorite dish that they make, and I would like to investigate just how it is made, but curries are still something of a mystery to me. Whether they are Indian or Thai style, there is always that exotic quality to them that I just can’t quite wrap my little mind around.

While we’re on the topic of restaurants, I would like to mention my newest wine, which has been something of a lucky crown jewel to my Aussie collection. I mentioned last time that the previous selections from down under were primarily higher-end Shiraz, and tho this varietal is still emphasized in the new set, I have focused on more wallet friendly picks.

However, I am now introducing a finer example of Shiraz, as of today. It is from the winery of Rolf Binder, one of the top dogs from the Barossa Valley, and the name of this winery, is Fetish – which I thought was kind of funny at first, but it actually refers to the tradition of spirit animals, rather than the one of whips and latex…

The animal of choice here is the owl, which is very elegantly depicted on the label, which is not paper, but is actually painted on the glass. This 2006 vintage of Shiraz is called The Watcher, & here is an excerpt of the inscription on the back…

“The Watcher. It is an image steeped in legend and mystery. It implies transcendence and authority. The Watcher is a being of knowledge, of understanding , of concern, of influence”

& so the metaphor here is that Rolf Binder is the Watcher over the wine, which is quite reassuring indeed (he consistently scores over 90 points with Robert Parker). This wine is big on fruit and very smooth, it has peppery spices and a dash of herbs – an overall delight, though the pumpkin curry was far from the best pairing, the two fought each other with an abundance of spicy tenacity at the table (Shiraz is best paired with red, or gamy meats, so as to balance the spice).

I think I might even buy myself a case to keep for the next year or two…

Oh! But my whole point here was to say, that the only reason I could even get this wine for my little Moon stash, was that apparently there was a restaurant that has promised to buy a hundred cases or so, and then promptly went out of business, leaving the Fetish winery with all this juice on it’s hands. These are tough times indeed, but their loss, seems to be my gain!



One thought on “Business

  1. Rya says:

    I actually got a free case of The Watcher from my wine rep, for helping her meet a sales goal (to help her rep win a trip to Hawaii, yay!) so I now have at least a half dozen bottles stashed in a hidden corner of my room… one more reason not to cry♫

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