Oh, thank goodness!

I just finished formatting (and saving to a CD and online…) my Cookbook manuscript, which was lost, in the digital wilderness for many moons. & when I finally did manage to find and save the poor thing, it was missing appendages & pieces here and there.

So I put him back together, and I have been spending the last week or so on recreating a cohesive style of formatting.

Which is actually rather clever, if I may say so. I did the headings in the same style as the Diner’s menu. Which seemed only natural when going through the actual menu’s outline, but then it really added  sense to the relative chaos of the rest of the recipes.

You know, I was going to blog the other day, and say that the pen is a cooking tool of sorts, for what good are the world’s recipes without a means to record them? Also, at that time I was in very good spirits after finding a pen in a box full of art stuff, which was writing wonderfully well. But once it came time to change the ink cartridge, everything went to hell! The thing refused to work, no matter what I tried, & I’m lucky I didn’t hurt myself while stabbing and frantically scribbling at my poor journal.

The next day, after getting some sleep, I decided that I had over reacted (again feeling lucky that the angry ink stains had never made it to the carpeting…) and I went to purchase a brand new pen. A nice one, an investment. Well – that piece of crap quit on me as well, and I have been typing ever since! A brand new $3 pen, and it refuses to make another clear line!!

I am almost wondering, is this the fates telling me not to write so much? Am I overdoing it? Perhaps now that I finally have a hard-copy of the Cookbook (still only 1/2 finished, at best) They will let me write in pen once more? It really is a relief to have that little CD, tucked away in my ammo case (the old army cases for M-60’s fit 2 rows of CDs or DVDs perfectly!)…

& now I am going to make a gourmet dinner of Amy’s mac & cheese, & on the box top is instructions to send away for a free Be Green bumper sticker! After typing up and reading through all of those recipes, I really do miss cooking. It is my greatest hope to have a kitchen of my own one day…so now that the book is relatively safe again, I can get back to blogging on that very topic!

The kitchen to be…Next week we will look into a funny little gadget that chops herbs, and cuts fettuccine noodles…fun!


5 thoughts on ““Complete”

  1. Pepper says:

    I just finished eating some oven snacks. *sigh* Isn’t it a wonder that even with all the food and utensils a girl could need, she still chooses to throw an assortment of pre-fab, frozen calories onto a tray in the oven and call it lunch? Meh.

    How’s the typing going? I sometimes use a pen (upside down, mind you) to stir the milk in my tea. Does that count as a utensil? I’m relieved to hear that you have properly archived your cookbook… thus far. I want to work on the layout of the book for you one day, so don’t lose it.

    • Rya says:

      You are the only one who could manage the task! I have a copy on disk, a copy saved online, and a copy printed up on the backs of New Moon scratch paper! I learned this last time round just how invaluable a good old fashioned paper copy can be!!

      • Rya says:

        Oh! But I still haven’t even scratched the surface on possibilities for images yet!!
        I have the OG Pneumatic Man saluting in blue & yellow (saved on a CD, which was last seen somewhere out in the treacherous waste lands of “storage unit-land”), which I want to integrate into the cover or at least as a logo in the spine of the binding, and then I also want to do my own photography and drawings. Of course I will be open to plenty of collaborative works, but at least some of it must be my own…

  2. Pepper says:

    So it’s official. I have posted links to your fabulous blog on my own pages at: Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and Tribe! So there.

    I feel better, my day has been redeemed, I can now forgive myself for the oven snack fiasco. Praise Allah!

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