The Book!

It’s been a minute, I’ll admit I have been distracted. It dawned on me the other day that I had not pulled up my book on the computer in some time, in fact never on this computer at all. So when I did try the whole thing came out an insane, garbled mess.

I was quite distraught over this for some time, but then I finally did manage to get the files to open as HTML documents. There was still a bunch of gobbledee-gook at the very beginning and ends of the files, but the bulk of the manuscript was there! However all of the formatting was lost as well.

It was all just a straight shot, no paragraphs, no apostrophes – even. & any place where I had used the surreptitious … marking (that I am so fond of ) it was replaced by a &, which I am also very fond of, but made no sense, in or out of context.

So I have been spending the past few days hacking away and rewriting these files, trying to get them back to their former state, which still only constitutes a point of half-completion. & then I noticed that the very ends of the files were gone. It didn’t seem like much at first, about 80% of the menu is still present, but I thoroughly underestimated how much typing that lost 20% really meant! & luckily I did print out a copy of the manuscript so I can be sure I cover everything that was there before, sometimes just copying the text verbatim, sometimes free styling a bit.

I have been pecking away at this, literally, all day. My knees and back are quite sore, since I have no desk and am just sitting indian-style, hunched over my keyboard like a maniac all-freaking-day. But I am quite pleased to have my little opus back in my arms, it really has been a good reminder of how much I want to do this project, and do it right!

Here is a brief excerpt, just from the drinks, and then I am going to back up what I have so far and go to sleep! One quick aside before that tho, I have ended my days work right at the beginning of the section on Juices. Which almost makes me glad did I loose all the text, since I have learned so much more about the world of juice since. It’s a funny life we live…

Soda Float ~

The Diner uses Blue Sky Sodas, and there are even more natural soda options out there these days, which are made out of “sort of good stuff” but in the end, fizzy sugar water is just always going to be fizzy sugar water.

Floats are delightful to serve, because the eyes of all who behold them seem to light up, and you can see sweet reminisces of their younger days take over their thoughts. Well, mebe they aren’t all consistently that magical, but close. So here’s the how-to for a pretty float…

3 scoops ice cream, most reliably vanilla, but do as you please

1 can o’ soda, root beer and cola being the most popular

1 pretty pint (or larger) glass for exhibition

A long dessert spoon and bendy straw will add to the fun as well.

Place the three scoops of ice cream in the glass. They should fill up about 2/3 of the way to the top, with nooks and crannies betwixt the scoops. Pour the soda slowly over the ice cream, the amount of foam that will be produced is directly relative to how fresh and fizzy your soda is, as well as any fluctuating atmospheric conditions, so watch as you go. Once the foam reaches the top, stop pouring (right?) but don’t freak out when the foam keeps going, as it can hold it’s form a good inch or two above the rim of the glass – as long as you don’t frighten it!

Dunk the spoon in on one side, straw in the other, and serve with the remaining can of soda as well, which not everyone will use, but it’s always nice to give them the option.

Of course you can use a soy, rice, or even coconut frozen cream for a vegan variation…



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