That old song and dance…

So now we return to a theme that has been ever-present in the history of the Diner and I. The IRS! I have been waiting, oh so patiently, for my tax refunds to appear, I filed nice and early, you see. But alas, all I received is a letter from the state, and a letter from the feds, both saying that the IRS has claimed my money as their due.

I recently spoke with the Diner’s new tax officer, and he said that he would put me down as being non-collectible, since I make such a pathetic wage, and own nothing of value that is worth putting a lien on. But Mr C. sez that this is probably a holdover from the good work done by our previous tax officer, a man so beloved by his fellow humans, that he actually had to change his name (after being over-run by fan mail, no doubt).

Now my big objection to all of this, is as it always has been – the fact that they will bend over the poor and sodomize us like little catholic orphans, at any opportunity, but when it comes to the rich, they coddle and pet them with such love and affection. Or, in other words, if they simply taxed the rich to the same degree as they give it to the poor schmuck working class, then the streets really would be paved with gold. Or at least we might have a half-decent public education system and the country’s infrastructure wouldn’t be crumbling down all over itself the way it is.

But oh well, right? & what is one to do with a broken machine? With a dead horse? I really wouldn’t know… in the meantime I am going to eat some more crappy Taco Bell and probably take a nap.

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