Suiza Sauce

A week or two ago, I briefly admitted to purchasing some microwaveable dinners at Safeway.  As someone with a prominent position in the independent health food store, I do not shop at the Safeway in town – I drive to Lake Tahoe and use one of those facilities instead. Of course I primarily go to the Lake for other reasons… mainly just to admire her, and also to try and find some space where Mu can just run around and be free for a few minutes. But if I have any cash from the meager tips I scrape together at the juice bar, I will typically blow them on these little Safeway dinners –  5 for $10, and they are dangerously tasty.

I introduced this guilty pleasure of  mine in an earlier entry that was more generally based on the topic of “cheap meat”, but here is a little dish that is vegetarian, and therefore, somewhat less distressing. This dinner in a box is called, Triple Cheese Enchilada with Suiza Sauce…it is still the combined evils of bleached white wheat, heavy cheeses, and a side of white rice, a paleish take on Spanish rice, with a random nib of corn interspersed, which is the only token veggie in the box (I dunno, I s’pose there some onion too…). Despite my lowbrow description of this meal I have to say that it is completely delicious, and I am beyond intrigued to learn what this Suiza sauce is all about.

This dish is what I can only wish organic frozen Mexican food tasted like, they just don’t do it that way in the health food store…If you put two of these on a plate, with the rice, and add some decent re-fried beans, you could sell it for 10-12 bucks easy, just add some pretty garnish. And a margarita, on the rocks, not blended, good tequila, there’s another  5-10 dollars… but then the nice thing about the frozen version (aside from the fact that it only costs 2 dollars…) is that I  bought the thing a week or two ago, and just forgot about it in the freezer, for days. & you could never tell the difference, which I suppose comes back around to my biggest problem, eating just isn’t much of a priority for me. At least not when I can’t have any fun with it.

So I will have to remember to learn this sauce, good thing I’m writing it down now, or I’d totally forget! I believe that it should take hours, if not all day, to make enchiladas properly, so as much as any of the ones that are done in 5 minutes are essentially soulless, I give the Triple Cheese two thumbs up for sauciness.

& now for why I really stopped in at the Press tonight – I would like to go back a bit, to revisit an evening in Reno. I am doing so to introduce a character who is very dear to me, and if I hadn’t already written this out beforehand on paper, I don’t think I would ever even tackle the project. But I did, so here we go…

I came across the notion of introducing “the dude” (if I may) via my former CPA, Mr C.

We have been tidying up some loose ends with the ownership of the Diner for the past few weeks, and in mention of some papers he has been meaning to send me, for me to sign, he added;

I think Beau’s ghost runs around my office when I am not here and rearranges my files>

Mr C. knew Beau much better and longer than I, but I too have been pretty sure that Beau has willfully rearranged aspects of my life for me while I was not looking. & I am grateful to him for looking out for me…so here is a mention of him, that I feel he approves of.  An introduction…

Toby and I are walking home from the Diner, I think – likely after I had finished a shift. It is late, & it’s mild out – reminds me of playground weather – we were going past the Satellite Bar (which now operates under a new name and ownership) and we see Beau, behind the bar? It was either there, or right  in that Southwest neighborhood somewhere – & there was something going on that night that Tob & I had previously deemed too rowdy for our Ma & Pa lifestyle. So upon sight of Beau – innocuously lighting up a cig, in some alleyway, oddly unaccompanied – Tob reacted like a critter that is more prey than predator, shall we say. He suggested we hide from Beau, so as not to have to make our excuses – especially while standing outside the door of the venue  where things were happening – music & friends!

‘Come on, come in!’ He would have said. (Look, I found half-quotes – like regular quotes, but for that of the dead, and what went unsaid in this life).

So we crept, in the shadows of the alley (or was it the Plumas St. cutoff?) & I happen to love that game, creep & hide – & then escape! But looking back from here, there are two things that I am rather sure of.

1. He knew we were there all along – but let us off easy that night. &

2. I wish we had just gone up and said – “Hey buddy, wha’s happenin?’ I think that would have been a far bit cooler. But that was the thing, in those days – the Satellite was the very definition of cool, and most of the Diner kids could be found there on any given night. Meanwhile, Tob and I were Mom & Pop, and we just couldn’t hang, for a long list of reasons. & you can make that list of why-nots as long and as serious as you like – but for as long as you survive, you will also be able to look back and say – really? Was that really the case? But what’s done is done~


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