So I lied…

Holy shisah! Guess what I did this morning!? I made breakfast!!

I know, I know, this is really some revelatory stuff here.

& yes I do acknowledge that this does make something of a liar of me, since I stated in the first entry or two that I would not make myself a decent meal, ever. And actually this was not so much of a decent meal, all in all. It was one pretend sausage and one egg, but I heated them up, on the stove even, the sausage thingy would have been hard to nuke…though eggs actually nuke up pretty good, as long as you keep ’em covered, as they do tend to explode from time to time.

So, on the topic of equipment, I would like to say that I think non-stick pans are laaaame. Particularly for breakfast dishes, just throw some butter in there already, it’s good for you.

In closing, I would like to plant the seed of the theory as to why I do not cook here, and that if I do somehow manage to, it is both hurriedly and furtively.

It is not entirely because I live with my father and his girlfriend. I would be just as silly and neurotic with any other roommate who is not family, or under my romantic domination… but the fact does remain that she has never made any space for me in the kitchen, whatsoever. & that whenever I do cook, she nags me for using her pans and pots incorrectly, or simply demands that whatever I am going to make will be for her as well, or else she will be mortally offended, despite the fact that she has only offered me any of her cooking few enough times to count on the fingers of one hand, during the year or two I have lived here.

So yes, obviously, I ought to move out, but I can’t afford it, and that is another rant to address (in secret, of course) towards the back of my boss, and that will have to wait for another session, since the house is momentarily empty, so this is my time to make a run for it!



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