Phase one, take three…

Alright, I can do this.

I’m feeling a wee bit frustrated, since I just spent the last hour or two typing away, and then managed to loose the entire draft to the ethers! Wrong button – do you ever have that problem?

Fact of the matter is, the whole post WAS way too scattered, even for me. So let us give this another, more abbreviated go.

I am starting this blog, to get back into working on my cookbook. It shall be called The Pneumatic Diner Cookbook, and it is going to be glorious. The bulk of the work is in place, but I need to shrink down the majority of the recipes, or they will quite simply never fit in any conventional (and by that I mean non-commercial) oven, and I want to incorporate as much of the Diner’s history into the text, as well.

This Diner of mine, though it may sound fantastical with that long funny name, is indeed a real place. You could go eat there right at this very minute, unless they happened to close the doors early, which is something that I frown upon, but as I am now no longer an owner of the joint, so I can’t say much about it…


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