I guess this is phase two, then?

Ok…so I am still totally mystified as to how I might edit a post after it’s been published. But at least I figured out how to post something. Really I am usually a bit more savvy than this, but I am glad to be learning something new…

I’ll figure out the format in due time, but for now, I just have an idea or two that I would like to have committed to binary code. Primarily, that would be my new found method, or gimmick, if you will. Ever since I was a small child, my father has advised me, that I will need a gimmick, if I am ever going to be seriously published, and not until this last week, while driving into Frisco with my best friend, both of us now 30 and proud to have survived thus far, did we stumble upon said gimmick.

The gimmick is the key to this blog, which is the key to the cookbook, which is the key to the rest of my life. See, I couldn’t get going on the blog, because I cannot cook at this juncture in my life. And if you can’t cook, then how the hell can you work on a cookbook!?! You can’t – logically, so we spun it around, and now I will get to work on it illogically, or, to put it more accurately, I will work on this ironically.

I am going to work on the section of the book that  deals with equipment. I will be assembling a dream kitchen of sorts, reviewing the pieces of equipment that I personally own (99% of which is in a storage unit out by the teensy Truckee airport) and the pieces that I find while assembling a brand new commercial kitchen, for the New Moon Natural Foods store.  I don’t know for how long, or how directly I will be heading this project of actual kitchen building, but I am very eager, overwhelmed, and simply exited to be involved to any extent, and am viewing the undertaking as a sort of higher education.

So we shall see.

I will fill you in on whatever I learn about gear (I am always the gear head, no matter what the sport) (& yes, cooking is sport) and in the mean time, in between time, I will review what I already own, and hopefully create some interesting spin-offs of technique and history, with out going too far afield.

& of course, the irony here lies in the fact that, due to my current living situation, coupled with my hypersensitivity and emotional reaction to food preparation, I do not cook –

ever, it simply does not happen. I BBQ’d a turkey for Xmas, just the bird. Ok, and I baked a pumpkin pie around Thanksgiving – but that’s it! People occasionally, innocuously, ask me what I am making for dinner, and I go reeling off in a rage – internally only, mind you. I compose myself before it is physically apparent that I have lost it, and then state firmly, that I do not cook, at this time and place. I microwave a wide variety of frozen meals, I will bake a frozen pizza if it is a special occasion, and I will heat up a can of soup if I have the house to myself. This is difficult to explain, so I’ll just have to come back to it again later…

So here we have the dream kitchen, everything you could need or want to cook with, & yes, this is going to get a little technical. But I assure you, once you do it once or twice, then you are filled with a grace and confidence that you never knew you had! & then the twist, I will share all of this with you whilst never using any of the gear myself (unless it is at New Moon, i.e. at work, cooking for the masses, and it will be a long minute ’till we get that far). I will not cook myself a single meal. Deal?

You might be wondering why I do this to myself, and again, I say it’s complicated, and my rationale likely stops just short of sane. But in time I will do my best to illuminate why  I might deprive myself of that which I love, perhaps so that others might come to see what fragile beauty there is in what is most commonly taken for granted. That which has been perverted and debased, nearly beyond recognition.

It is my greatest desire to get these recipes out in to the world, and most importantly, into the kitchens of America. I realize I sound pretty off the deep end here, but I am in earnest.

In closing, I would like to give a shout out to the Julie & Julia Project. It is an obvious inspiration, so I will just confess it outright. I loved the book and the movie (& have yet to track down the actual blog…) for it’s elements of food and alliteration. I loved the struggles of trying to find a publisher, turning the corner into one’s 30’s, and for the endless challenge of getting whipped eggs to behave, it ain’t easy, not one bit of it! So thanks to the J’s who paved the way, we are all in your debt (just most of us don’t know it yet!)


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